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Wandering Ole Willow

by Richard H. Fay

The angry grey willow walks this dark eve,
Muttering fey curses and feral words.
He trails the footsteps of a wayward soul
Travelling dimly winding woodland paths.

The fell forester looks o’er his shoulder,
Hearing strange shufflings and eldritch murmurs.
He sees nought but night blackened bough and bole
Leaning balefully o’er the mossy track.

The mortal’s troubled mind draws willow near;
Darkling deeds remembered fire the tree’s heart.
He shambles slowly toward death-marked prey,
Seeking grim retribution for past harms.

The mad willow raises his twiggy limbs,
Reaching out toward that hated human.
Too late the luckless wretch tries to escape
Being caught in a tangled woody web.

The uprooted tree glowers evilly,
Recalling the cruel fates of axe-hewn kin.
He finds savage sport in bitter vengeance,
Snapping the doomed man in half like kindling.

Copyright © 2009 by Richard H. Fay

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