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Return of the Beloved

by Anna Ruiz

You have broken my heart... from the very first moment
Still I come to You...

I come my love... and in my emptiness...
My despicable desolation... my utter devastation. I find You.
... Here... in my longing for You...
You are near my Love, so close, only these words
Keep us apart...

You are a warm embrace, the golden sun on my skin
You are the teardrops of a shining moon, falling in my mind
Endless stars call me to You...
I want You... You are my passionate kiss, You wreck my lover’s heart

I adore You into the hands of my prayers

I am on fire...
...and even as these ashes of my burning heart,
Consume me, covers me with more longing...
I seek You everywhere...
I find myself nowhere...
Why are You everywhere I am not? I need Your touch...
I need Your rain....
In my open mouth...
Take away my nothingness and show me how to love You....

I am a wound that never heals...
Oh, Beloved stranger come to my distant shore,
Can You show Yourself before I am lost again?
Far far from You...
This distance of air, of a water hyacinth
Take me to Paradise,
Return me,
Charm me
Rapture me,
Be... my mystery,
I need Your touch in my soul...
I need Your breath on my hair...

I shall look for You in my breaking heart,
My lonely garden tonight,
Will the wind whisper Your name?
Oh, my Darling hold me close...
... that I may find myself once again.
I feel Your nearness
And still I cannot see You.
Stay. Stay... My Love
Why are You so cruel?
I lay my love at Your door,
My last wish is to see You.
Can You fulfill a dream?
I know I will never find You but in another dream,
In the Holy rivers of not now
Why do You hide in my love for You?
Never to feel close enough,
To drink Your soul,

I beseech You
With my longing,
With my Desire,
We have known Ecstasy
Yet You are willful
I am burning alive
Dying into nothing
Dance away my Lover,
Take me to Shangri-La,
Let us ascend
Stay with me,
Love me
Let me love You
Let us find this one moment again,

Desire has two faces.

Copyright © 2008 by Anna Ruiz

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