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Peg Powler

by Richard H. Fay

Beware the river, children,
For there Peg Powler resides,
With tangled weeds in her hair,
Putrid slime upon her lips,
And fell hunger in her eyes.

Beware the waters, children,
For they echo the rumble
Of Peg’s bottomless belly.
Streamside reeds rustle and sway,
Then clatter as she cackles.

Beware the slick banks, children,
For beyond the grassy verge
Where green foam mingles with mud
The ravenous hag awaits
One clumsy move, one false step.

Beware Peg’s home, my children,
Or risk a watery death.
Wander too close to the edge
Taloned hands might drag you down
And in Peg’s arms you will drown.

Copyright © 2008 by Richard H. Fay

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