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Celestial Sunflower

by Oonah V Joslin

after “A Total Antarctic Solar Eclipse

Sunflower seeds the universe.
Perhaps the seed for sunflowers was
the sun. Our sun; Sol, Creator
of our dust, our soil, our all:
creator of our planet’s spin,
our light, our heat, our time,
our share of being. Antarctic’s
bitter, barren waste, eclipsed by
cosmic sunflower disc shows
everything is made of shadows;
patterns we assimilate,
replicate when we can
just as the sunflower
seed stores sun-power.

We run on energy that cannot be
created or destroyed
only transferred
miniscule to mighty
thought to deed.

Images too hold power.

Somewhere out there
I think
there must be
a celestial event
that resembles

Copyright © 2008 by Oonah V Joslin

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