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Ethereal Journey

by Richard H. Fay

Deep within the crumbling pages
Of a forgotten ancient tome,
I uncover an arcane spell
That opens a hidden doorway
Out of the material plane.

Mystical words roll off my tongue;
I pass through the cosmic portal.
Freed from the bounds of mortal flesh
I encounter eldritch beings
Both beautiful and horrific.

Strange violet phantoms soar past
Riding the ethereal tides.
Their translucent bodies glisten
In the phosphorescent glimmer
That permeates the dim grey void.

Glowing orbs glitter like diamonds
As they dance in frantic circles.
I extend my pale spectral hand
Toward the brilliant spectacle,
But the lights sputter and go out.

Rainbow hued beasts swarm about me.
Their amorphous forms wax and wane
As their tentacles touch my soul.
Finding my presence distasteful,
They retreat back into the murk.

Shadowy ghosts slip into view
Ere they fade into nothingness.
Their thin ragged bodies billow
Like the wretchedly tattered sails
Of a dismal storm-battered hulk.

Troubled by the sorrowful sight,
I pull my weary spirit back
Along the gossamer tethers
Tied to my corporeal shell,
Then fall exhausted to the floor.

Copyright © 2008 by Richard H. Fay

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