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Observation One Arrives!

One of the best novels ever to appear in the flickering pixels of Bewildering Stories was Michael E. Lloyd’s SF romp through Europe, Observation One: Singing of Promises. And so, it is with great pride and pleasure we announce the print edition of this fascinating study of humanity, and one of humanity’s best singer/songwriters.

Yes, although this isn’t a critical study of the marvellous Janis Ian, without her and her songs, this book probably wouldn’t even have existed. And that would be a shame. For an overview, as well as some comments from people who’ve read the novel, visit the information page about Observation One.

We hope this book will be a critical and reader success. It deserves it. We’re sending out a number of review copies to the "movers and shakers," and we’ll see what happens.

Yes, the book is available from and the usual gang of online booksellers, but if you buy it from us, you’ll get it with free shipping, at least here in the U.S. and in the UK. It’s gonna cost more to send it to other countries, but we do have printing facilities in both the US and UK, which makes a huge difference.

This is a sly and entertaining SF journey, so hop on board.

Copyright © 2007 by Jerry Wright

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