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Doe Test-Drives Venus Model 237

by Camille Alexa

I’ve got all the right curves, Mr. Doe.
I’m supple, I’m warm and I’m wet.
I’m assembled from in-factory parts,
one of a collectible set.

I’ve customized mammary settings
and skin of programmable hue,
and unlike your bioform wife, I’m
here simply to satisfy you.

Credit and loans are available,
you’ve rated quite high in our files;
we can auto-deduct from your pay
or take it in accrued sky miles.

I’m sure you’ll agree I’m a bargain.
Press here to see what I can do.
If you like this little free sample,
some papers to sign and we’re through!

I see you are pleased with my functions
now hang on, this won’t hurt a bit —
I’ll scan your retinas and prick your thumb
and swab just this small bit of spit.

Congratulations, Mr. Doe on
your hot new toy; it walks, it speaks,
and folds tidily under the bed.
(Delivery in eight to ten weeks.)

What did you say? Oh, no, Mr. Doe!
I’m just the floor model they’ve hired.
Yours will come in a plasti-sealed box;
assembly may be required.

Copyright © 2007 by Camille Alexa

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