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Realism in “Avenging Bullet”

I’ve said it to everyone who’ll listen and I’ll continue saying it — Bewildering Stories is an awesome place to have one’s work appear! I look forward to seeing Bewildering Press live.

I’m also very flattered and honored and humbled and excited that “Avenging Bullet” made it into the 4th Quarterly Review! That story was special to me. It was based on the way I felt after spending all day in the hot summer sun on a sniper mission. I was wearing my Ghillie suit and had run out of water early into the operation. I’d become so dehydrated that I’d stopped sweating and started seeing blurry. I stayed in my sniper hide until the narcotics deal was successfully concluded.

When I stood up after it was all over, I nearly passed out. I had to take a knee and get my senses about me, and I had a headache for a couple of days afterwards.

Anyhow, the story was special and I love the treatment it got over at Bewildering Stories.

Thanks for everything!

Copyright © 2006 by B J Bourg

And we thank you, B J... Bewildering Stories is only as good as the writing we receive and present. We and our contributors are all in very good company.

“Avenging Bullet” struck the review editors as remarkable not only for its drama but its realism. It’s clear from your bio sketch that you know whereof you wrote, and it comes as no surprise that you’ve almost lived a part of the story yourself.

Keep up the good work, B J. It’s always good to hear from you!


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