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Bewildering Stories Editorial

by Jerry Wright

Last Minute Frenzies

Well Mr. Bob Blevins is frantically trying to put all the pieces together the First Bewildering Stories Anthology. One of the fun things that made THIS book harder to put together than some other books is that the base files were HTML. This means, for example, that the paragraphing is quite different. A standard paragraph in a book looks like this:
     You notice how the first line of this paragraph is indented five spaces? Well that is typical for standard text in a book. However, HTML (unless you play tricks like blockquotes) jams the spaces all together, leaving no indent, or tab.
      And then, there is paragraphing. Yes, in HTML we use a special symbol for paragraphing, but guess what? It just adds a space between paragraphs of text. Or maybe a space and a half... But anyway, it doesn't look like text in a book!
So, here he is, trying to put the book together, and he needs to reparagraph each story so it looks like he wants it to look. And all this to get the book finished in time so that I have a copy or twelve for NorWesCon. We must be loved.

Speaking of being loved... Mr. John Gilbert at had some very nice things to say about us. We blush.

As usual, we put out the last minute frenzies as well to finish up this issue, and get it out to your waiting cpus. And so... Here we are. Again. And quickly running up to the coveted 100,000 page views mark. Scary indeed.

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