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Miss Christina

by Viacheslav Yatsko

Feeling lassitude, fatigue,
That was almost complete,
Miss Christina Berrymoon
Came home from her school,
On the couch lay to see
A capricious fantasy:

At a party, amid glare
She would meet a billionaire
He would stick to her, adhere
And at first she’d be severe,
Then she’d yield to the swell
So as to marry well.

Dressed in jewelry, with a sneer
At her school she would appear

All the colleagues would depress
Burst with envy, give a gasp.
The Headmaster’d promptly kneel
Begging pardon for his ill-will;
And somewhere, not far from him
Children’s laughter would gaily ring.
  “Ding, ding, ding ding, ding, ding,”
The girl heard the phone ring.

Christy picked up the receiver
The Headmaster’s voice to hear:
“Do you know, Miss Berrymoon,
That tomorrow at our school
The staff meeting will discuss
Students’ progress in your class.
The results of recent tests
Were in no sense the best.”

Christy put down the receiver,
Stared blankly in the mirror,
Down dropped a bitter tear.

Christy, Christy, by all means
You will meet your noble prince!
And your happiness we’ll see
Take it easy, c’est la vie!

Copyright © 2005 by Viacheslav Iatsko

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