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What’s in Issue 121

Novel Palance Demondread writes late at night, worrying about his secret... And then he receives a summons from Father Rayul and Lord Ian to witness the dread dremions’ invasion of Nomen: Julian Lawler, Battle Seer, chapter 3: A Secret Untold, part 1, part 2.
Novella A mysterious cat burglar’s visit to the mansion of Myron Pitt becomes the topic of conversation at a party. J. Peter Pendleton II meets beauteous Monica Bubastis at the punch bowl and reveals he knows more about the Pendant than he’s willing to say: Alexandra Erin, The Pendant Strikes! #2.
Serials McAllister does what he can to take care of Taylor. It’s more important than worrying about losing the Second Space Race, on the Moon: Steven Francis Murphy, Tranquility Lost, part 2.

Byron Bailey depicts the plight of an Indiana farmer trying to grow steaks where carnivorous varmints are protected: Hoosier Steaks, part 1.

Omar E. Vega tells of the travails of a misunderstood bioengeneering genius who has discovered natural terraforming: The Hand of God, part 1.
Every PC user will sympathize with euhal allen’s futile attempts to hook up his modem: Computer Love Story.

Gillian Marshall recounts a young mother’s terror in a fire and the miraculous intervention of a most unusual fireman: Rain Man.
Article Viacheslav Iatsko examines Russian history since Peter the Great and concludes that social stability depends on three factors, only two of which are present today: The Uniqueness of Russia and State Power.
Don Webb reviews one of the keys to understanding the late 20th century:
Karen Armstrong’s The Battle for God.


Challenge Challenge 121 asks about Rearranging Orders.
The Reading
Jerry Wright pleads Network Downtime
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In Times to Come

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