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Issue 107

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 107

Second Anniversary Retrospective: issues 81-90

Novel Tala Bar, Gaia, chapter 5: “The Island,” part III
  installment 1, installment 2
Novellas euhal allen, The Bridge, part IV, installment 2
Wallace W. Cass, Jr., Vessel, part 2
Serials Gregory Hansen, Investment Horizon, part 1
Kenneth Mark Hoover, The Engines of Manta-Geth, part 1
Michael C. Hansen, Gnart Moves up in Hell
Viacheslav Iatsko, Two Days in the Life of Alex Lavrov,
  an Average Russian

Roberto Sanhueza, Guilty Baby
Essay Steven Utley, JGoldman10 Theatre


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes...
  Kenneth Mark Hoover and Viacheslav Iatsko
Challenge Challenge 107: Choose Two Days
Letters Viacheslav Iatsko writes about The “Little” Russian
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Sean McMullen’s Glass Dragons
Editorial Internationally??

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