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What’s in Issue 105

Novels Tala Bar brings to a close Dar’s sojourn with the telepathic cephaloids at the bottom of the lake. Now Dar returns to the surface and rejoins Nim and Nunez on the island. Gaia, chapter 5 “The Island,” part I.
Novella In “The Bridge,” euhal allen’s heroes get a little relief: things finally begin to go their way. Only, will that be an advantage for them in the long run? The Bridge itself has its doubts... The Bridge, conclusion of part III.
Serials Lou Antonelli’s hero, Travers, has survived a storm of disease-bearing meteorites and now wonders whether Jeannie still loves him after his long stay in medical stasis. He’s going to find out far more than that: good-hearted friends are a matter of death and life in the long voyages between planets. I Got You, conclusion.

Donald Sullivan takes a page from Jean-Paul Sartre’s novel Les Jeux sont faits in a new ghost story. Sartre shows that decisions are irrevocable and that regret is useless. Don Sullivan shows that ghosts have to stick together, or they may not live to regret it. Goolies, part 1.
Short Stories Eric S. Brown depicts the action-packed conclusion of a tragedy that began with scientific hubris: The Price of Arrogance.

Jörn Grote tells of an alternate history where the Cold War had four sides rather than two. Would that have made it twice as bad? Yes. A noble citizen of Earth argues that humanity needs all the help it can get on the Learning Curve of civilization. The story ties in neatly with our science article on fusion power.
Poetry Steven Utley gives an image of this issue’s “doomsday” theme with Those Awesome Beasts.
Article Roger Webb sums up a moral dilemma facing today’s scientists: can one work on fusion power without working on nuclear weapons at the same time? Does physics provide a way out? The short answer is yes. The long answer is that the solution is... Out There: Fusion Power and Nuclear Weapons.
Discussion Deep Bora described Hindu funerary practices in issue 104. In this issue he converses with Don Webb about the theology and meaning of reincarnation: Beyond Death, conclusion.


Challenge How’d we get into this fix, anyway?
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Pauline Ashwell’s Project Far-Cry.
Editorial Michael J A Tyzuk sends us another guest editorial that will have you... um... licking your chops: The Politics of Edible Missiles

In Times to Come

Now that the Retrospective on issues 61-70 is up, it’s time to cast your votes for the selections from issues 71-80. Issue 106 will also bring us a new serial and two new contributors!

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