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Robert N Stephenson is an author, literary agent, publisher, editor, and professional writing tutor; his life has been dedicated to writing and creating stories that entertain above all things.

He has sold over 60 short stories to markets all over the world, had a novel published in Poland and has three other books published in Australia, including his hard hitting “The Writing Soldier,” which goes through the writing process and shows the reader how to be a successful writer and author.

His poetical works have been performed in Denmark, Israel and New York, and his non-fiction piece on living with depression won his the 05/06 Black Dog Award. More about Robert’s books can be found through the altair-australia link.

As a publisher he has published collections by Sean Williams, Jack McDevitt and David Brin, and novels by Tony Shillitoe. Not only is he a writer of excellent fiction but he also publishes some of the best genre eclectic books on the market. Robert writes and lives with absolute passion, as he says: “Without passion everything is a chore.”

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