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I really don’t consider myself a writer even though I’ve been writing since I can remember. For me, writing is not much different than painting or creating music. It is a creative process that usually aspires to the goal of making something that is aesthetically pleasing.

Writing doesn’t come naturally to me, though. Maybe it’s because I haven’t studied it properly and practiced it often enough. I still enjoy the prospect of creating something that others will enjoy. I’ve mostly written short stories but have written a few technical articles on music theory as well as a few articles regarding Christianity.

As for accomplishments, I spent most of my life playing the guitar (maybe 25 years but most part-time) until I injured most of my fingers. I basically worked regular jobs like most everyone else. I’ve also dabbled with painting and have won a few local awards for some of my artwork. One of my paintings is hanging in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation in California.

I have a B.S. in computer science and have worked for several large companies as a programmer and taught computer science for a few years at a local college. I’ve written a few adventure games. I’ve created a children’s website for the Army Corps of Engineers as well as written music soundtracks for a few videos.

I also currently do voice-over work and most of it is character voices for animations and computer games. Torchlight, Anything With An Engine, Neverwinter Nights demo, Majesty II, Magic Academy II, 1 Penguin 100 Cases, and lots more. My voice-over site has samples of most of these as well as tons of other voices.

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