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K. S. Riggin

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I dream in science fiction and teach second graders when daybreak hits. During evenings, weekends, and vacations, I transpose alternate realities into words and scenes from outer space. Mainly I write novels, but I keep a portfolio of short stories and poems under my penname, Shaara at: shaara.Writing.Com.

My short stories have appeared in Spectacular Speculations, Western Online, Bewildering Stories, Another Realm Magazine, the Crow’s Nest, Alien Skin Magazine and in the new Farspace2 Anthology.

Three of my short stories have been published in the November issue of Spectacular Speculations Another story will be included in the Farspace2 Anthology.

I write under the names K.S. Riggin and Shaara Shaarvan.

Copyright © 2010 by K. S. Riggin

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