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E. L. Skip Knox

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I am a computer programmer and a teacher of medieval history at Boise State University. I’ve done both jobs since the mid-1980s, serving as the university’s first PC support tech and then its first webmaster before moving over into web programming. Despite my day job, my training is in history, having received my PhD in early modern Europe from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1984.

Combining my two careers, I’ve taught history online since the early 1990s. The curious can search on my name plus history and see my work, as all my course materials are open to the public.

I have been writing all my life. Only in recent years have my efforts been coherent enough to begin producing stories that hang together and manage to get from beginning to end in one piece.

I have been married since 1969 and have three grown children. Besides my work I enjoy reading, gardening, and composing electronic music.

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