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Hungry Guy is known for his works of fact and fiction on various erotic story sites. His story ideas often come to him in dreams at night. For that reason, he keeps a pen and pad on his nightstand. On rare and wonderful occasions, those scribbled notes are sufficiently coherent to turn into a story a few days later. He has recently been gifted with ideas for more mainstream Science Fiction story ideas; perfect for Bewildering Stories!

Why “Hungry Guy?” It’s a ’nym he devised when he submitted his first story to one of those erotic sites. Now, all his fans know him as “Hungry Guy,” so he’s rather stuck with it, though it has served him well and fits accurately with the type of extreme erotic horror stories that he is infamous for.

If his writing skills someday get close enough to professional level, he may submit some stories under his real name. Until then, he’s Hungry Guy!

Copyright © 2006 by Hungry Guy

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