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William T. Hammann

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Although I’ve moved almost twenty times during my life, I’m now a naturalized Minnesotan with a wife and two kids. I’m able to survive the winters through proper layering and strong optimism in global warming.

A former Army officer, I currently work for a Fortune 500 company as a middle manager. I’m a big sports fan and attend at least one Pittsburgh Steelers game annually, accompanied by several family members and my Terrible Towel.

I like to keep busy with a variety of interests and hobbies, and enjoy reading fiction and history, with the occasional ‘classic novel’ thrown in for good seasoning. Those interests include being an active volunteer with roles in leading a Cub Scouts den and coaching youth sports. Woodworking is a recent addition and has resulted in several new pieces of furniture around the house.

I started writing short fiction a couple of years ago and hope to find time in the future to do more. I’m primarily influenced by ‘old school’ science fiction writers, although it is my belief that Catch-22 is one of the most entertaining stories ever published. Someday, I hope to write a semi-autobiographical novel based on my short military career.

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