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Faith Goble

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I started college as a biology major and almost went to medical school, but after hearing all the horror stories about internship, I dropped out of college in my senior year to have babies. When I went back to school years later, I decided to major in art instead of science. Smart move. Yeah, right! Now, I’m a freelance painter, graphic artist, writer, and occasional editor. (I have developed great sympathy for editors.)

My essays have appeared in the Courier-Journal and other newspapers, and I’ve read my commentaries and poetry on several NPR affiliates. Along with my son, poet and writer Brant Goble, I edited and designed the first issue of Gander Press Review, and I illustrated that first issue. My book of poetry, Elementa, whose cover I also created and designed, was published by Loosey Goosey Press in 2008.

My artwork and photographs have been used on websites all over the world, and I recently started a graphic arts business. In the past, I’ve worked as a tutor, teacher, jewelry salesperson, and real-estate agent. I also home-schooled my three children from sixth grade through high school; my oldest son, the aforementioned Brant, currently teaches English at Huaihua University in China’s Hunan Province; my youngest son, Patrick Goble, is a teacher, musician, and composer; and my daughter, Eden is a registered nurse. I’ve been active in a number of environmental and educational causes in my spare time.

I live in a little town called Bowling Green in the hinterlands of Kentucky with a faithful Border collie named Roxy, a fat beagle named Larry, a hyperactive teacup Chihuahua named Teddy, a large and demanding cat named George, and an untold number of annoying fleas (who have neither names nor bloodlines of any distinction whatsoever).

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