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Rune Froseth

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I was born and raised in Steinkjer, a small town in the middle of Norway. After completing my education and a few years of working in the capital, I left my country at the age of twenty-seven to work for the United Nations. I never returned to Norway. After almost 30 years service with the U.N., I have now retired and live with my Spanish wife in Málaga, Spain.

Here I spend my time reading, drawing/painting and writing. I have had one flash fiction piece, “No Sugar” published in Reflex Fiction and one short story in Norwegian, “Frie Willy,” published in Alea’s anthology Vilje, both in 2017. I have also illustrated and self-published a number of small books for my five-year old grandson.

Some of my artwork can be found on the web and Instagram @boqueronnoruego.

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