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Alexandra Erin

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Alexandra Erin is a 24-year old author from the bucolic little community of Worth Forgetting, Nebraska who enjoys writing about herself in the third person and generally thinks she’s quite a bit more clever than she actually is.

Her hobbies include eating things that she really probably ought not to and writing serialized fiction about people with silly outfits and sillier names. A bewildering quantity of the latter can be found within her website, Star Harbor Nights, which also offers free e-mail subscriptions for four twice-monthly serials including “Fists of the Parakeet” and “The Hex Kittens.”

She produces more than 25,000 words of prose in an average month and some of them are even good; for instance, “bucolic.”

Copyright © 2004 by Alexandra Erin

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The Pendant Strikes!, part 1

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