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Editors’ Note: All our authors’ bio sketches are posted as received; they are the authors’ own words. They may be completely accurate or outlandish fiction. Bewildering Stories does not and will not check to see whether anything in them is true or false.

Since Mr. Eng has apparently blotted his copybook, as it were, in places unknown to us, Bewildering Stories has been made a conduit for protests. We do not appreciate having to provide a postal service for what is often hate mail, let alone being made — unfairly — the object of it.

Kenneth C. Eng is the youngest published science fiction novelist in America. In addition to authoring Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate (March 2005, DNA Press), he has written The 0th Dimension and The Theory of Everything. Known for his controversial opinions against America and religion, he caused much trouble at NYU Tisch School of the Arts while he was a student. He is also a philosopher, screenwriter, and on occasion, god of the universe.

His website is 0th Dimension. More of his writings can be found at Down In The Dirt magazine.

  1. Stats — I sold my first novel at age 20. I recently turned 22.
  2. Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate, 0th Dimension and The Theory of Everything are all novels.
  3. Here’s an article about my experience at NYU.
  4. Down in the Dirt magazine can be accessed here.
  5. My articles can be found at,,

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