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Lawrence R. Dagstine

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Lawrence R. Dagstine is the author of well over ninety short stories and articles, many of which have appeared in publications such as: Pablo Lennis, Gotta Write Network Litmag, Alternate Perceptions, Lost Worlds, Midnight Times, Samsara, The Ultimate Unknown, Surprising Stories, Bewildering Stories, Nova SF, Dawnsky, Silverthought,, Deathbus, Sinister City, Down in the Dirt, The Fifth Di..., Jupiter, Wanderings, and Whispering Spirits.

He is also the author of four novels, entitled: Espionage First, Spencer Prague, Death of the Common Writer, and Allegiance to Arms. He has also appeared in three SF Anthologies, entitled: Wondrous Web Worlds #3, Wondrous Web Worlds #5, and Silverthought's Ignition Anthology.

In his spare time he enjoys collecting baseball cards, plays survival horror video games, enjoys westerns, and has a big fat cat named Tommy.

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Orion’s Dendrites, parts 1-2; parts 3-4

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