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R. C. Capasso

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After a few years working in education, I'm now concentrating on writing flash and longer fiction, with some non-fiction and translation projects percolating. Recent stories have appeared in Infective Ink, Black Heart Magazine, and Fabula Argentea. I seem to find myself drawn to ghost stories and other speculative fiction.

When I'm not at home on a wooded property in Ohio, I like to travel, usually seeking out parks, botanical gardens, lighthouses, old houses and reputedly haunted sites. A lover of classic horror (The Turn of the Screw, Maupassant's Le Horla, The Haunting of Hill House), I believe in many unseen things. So far, despite visits to promising sites, no first-hand encounters, unless you count the times a cat stares fixedly into a corner for no apparent reason. But there is always hope.

I speak and write French and am trying to learn Italian. I keep hoping I'll use a terrific locale as a setting, but so far my stories have all sprung from Ohio, my imagination, and once an actual dream.

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