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Stefan Brenner

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I am divorced with one grown up daughter. At present, I live in East Anglia with my girlfriend and stepdaughter. Currently, I am in the final stages of studying for a PhD in the Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge.

My interests in writing go back to childhood: I have always loved reading and am particularly interested in the style which originated in the movement sometimes known as ‘German Romanticism’. In fact, I am fan of European literature in general: a subject which formed part of my undergraduate degree.

I used to race motorcycles as a hobby, but those days are long behind me and nowadays I spend my spare time exploring and fishing my local waterways; a long-neglected passion which I have recently rediscovered.

By strange coincidence it was fishing which brought me to Bewildering Stories: having met another contributor on the river bank, I looked up the site and decided to rescue some old writing from its hiding place at the back of the cupboard. For me, this coincidence sums up the contingencies which govern our lives!

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