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My name is Karlos Allen. I am the son of a rebellious son. He had promised his father that he would not name any of his children after him, as his father, Carlos, hated his name. My grandfather died sometime before my parents married, so when I was born, I was named ‘Karlos’. We were raised on stories and technicalities (and a fair amount of intellectual rebellion).

When I was younger I wanted to be professional writer until I learned that they do not eat. Since I had picked up this nasty little habit when I was quite young (and have never been able to kick it) I was caught between my ambitions and my addictions. Naturally I did what all junkies do and surrendered to the addictions. Occasionally a bit of ambition works its way to the surface, but I can generally lie down till it goes away. Only a very serious case actually compels me to write anything.

I currently live about 200 miles away from my parents and show up regularly for free haircuts and home cooked meals. I have a daughter of my own who lives with her mother about a thousand miles from me and I eke out a living working in an obscure microprocessor company. It’s the one that’s always bragging about being “inside” your computer.

Copyright © 2005 by Karlos Allen

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