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Bewildering Stories

Edward Ahern

Bewildering Stories biography

Born 1942 in Chicago. Graduated from the University of Illinois in 1965 with a degree in journalism. Went through Naval officer candidate, scuba diving and bomb-disarming schools and served as officer of the deck, diving and EOD officer aboard the aircraft carrier Essex.

Married Elizabeth in November of 1967, and went to work as a reporter for the Providence Journal. After a year on the Journal went through a year of intelligence trade craft and language training and spent four years in Germany and three in Japan. Speak decent German and French and bad Japanese.

Went to work in international sales for Abitibi, a Canadian-American paper producer. Picked up an MBA from New York University (honors), and stayed twenty-three years with Abitibi, serving as product development, international sales, and marketing director. Visited 72 countries for Abitibi over the years.

Retired from Abitibi at fifty-eight and went to work for International Forest Products, a subsidiary of the Kraft family group of companies that includes the New England Patriots.

Really retired in 2010 and started writing fiction and poetry. Over a hundred forty stories, poems and articles published so far, and two books.

Original wife, two children, five grandchildren.

Copyright © 2011, 2016 by Edward Ahern

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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