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Bewildering Stories

Bewildering Stories’ Second Quarterly Review, 2008

Editors’ Choices: issues 284-296

Short Stories
The Order of the Hot Potato

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Page 2: Poetry, Short Poetry, Flash Fiction, Season’s Best Issues

Selections are listed in alphabetical order by author.

Part IV : Short Stories

Gary Beck, The Last Glance
Bill Bowler, The Wall
Patrick Downing, Unit Lost
Jason Earls, Mersenne’s Mistake
Bosley Gravel, Jocko Homo
Jacqueline Gum, Night Traveler
John Kuhn, All-White Jury
RD Larson, Andrew Males, Knifepoint
R. Scott McCoy, Day Twenty
Rebecca McNulty, Fireside
Corey Mesler, Frank Minogue, Sonny Boy
Alex Moisi, From Point A to Point B
Brandon Myers, Ex Libris Pavonis
Carmen Ruggero, Eighty-Six Eggs
Chris Ward, A Thousand Lives of Flies

Part V : The Order of the Hot Potato

And now, since “Bewildering” Stories is a friend of the unconventional, here are the eleven most controversial works of the quarter, the ones on which the review editors did not reach a consensus for one reason or another. Three of the titles appear in the Editors’ Choices; the rest do not. The more divergent the votes were, the hotter the Potato is.

The titles are listed in descending order with the most controversial first. The links lead to the issues in which they appear.

  1. M. Anton Mitts, Body Snatching
  2. Michael A. Potter, Alessandro's Unexpected Traverse
  3. Mel Waldman, Heaven and Hell
  4. Mark Murdock, Analogical Meaning in Lord of the Rings
  5. Patrick Downing, Unit Lost
  6. Tim Simmons, A Body of Water
  7. Christopher Barnes, Pit Stop
  8. Fiona Davis, The Test
  9. Randy Foster, Desperate Women
  10. Paul Johnson, A Sea of Faces
  11. Robert R. Brooks, Xenolith

The Hottest-Potato Issues of the Quarter

As a special treat, Bewildering Stories links to
the three most controversial issues of the quarter:

  1. The Öort Cloud
  2. The Kuiper Belt
  3. The Asteroid Belt

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