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Kicking the Memory Syndrome

by Michael Murry

Kicking the Memory Syndrome
“Once and for all” every year,
Soon we’ll be kicking it daily
As we advance to the rear.

Kicking and sticking and licking,
Vigorous, vicious, and vain,
Virtual “war” on a flatscreen
Digital aliens slain.

Back to life soon after “dying,”
Spock and Kirk replay their parts.
Black holes and alternate timelines
Rebooted, Star Trek then “starts”

Episode twelve, season twenty.
Plot lines unravel and rot.
“Final,” at least for the present.
Next year, who knows? Maybe not.

Fighting on some far horizon,
Always our armies will “win”
“Victory” product consumption:
Cigarettes, mansions, and gin.

Fed on Orwellian jargon
Straight from Nineteen Eighty-Four
Duckspeaking Crimestop and Blackwhite
Doublethink peace equals “war.”

Let us look into the future.
Yesterday doesn’t exist.
History starts with tomorrow,
That’s why our “war” will persist.

Copyright © 2017 by Michael Murry
The Misfortune Teller

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