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Poetry’s Victory

by Oren Eilam

In the days when poetry was written with a keyboard
poems were very orderly
and today everything is different and automatic
today everything is served without effort
perfect poems that the brain submits
and everybody is a poet
all that one needs is to connect to the apparatus
soon this will not exist either
poems will just be written on their own
and the poet will simply be
what she has always been expected to be
a medium, a channel
clean and impervious
this way perfect poems transpire

Communication between brains
mediated by a tiny electronic chip
and poetry roams in the community
wanders from brain to brain
sometimes returns to the same brain
that was its exclusive source
sometimes returns to a brain
that was its partial source
and in this state of affairs
all communication is poetry
and the term poetry loses its essence
it is superfluous
because poetry wanders between brains
and all that wanders between brains is poetry

I imagine times
in which the chip too will not be necessary
it is not complex, it takes just
a high-quality relay station
with dynamic detection properties
all the other issues
‘will take care of themselves’
as implied by this common expression
in the ancient international language

Copyright © 2013 by Oren Eilam

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