Bewildering Stories


Issue 127

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 127

Novels Roberto Sanhueza, Katts and Dawgs
  chapter 8: The True Heir

Julian Lawler, Battle Seer
  chapter 8: A Matter of Duty, part 1

Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One:
  Singing of promises

  chapter 9: Rome, Italy, part 1
Serial Bob Sorensen, And the Truth Shall Set You Free, part 1
Jörn Grote, Eating Everything
R D Larson, Phantom of the Sea
Stephen Heister, Mean Time is the End of Us All
Art Claudio Parentela, Art 905


Challenge Challenge 127: On the Cutting Edge
Letter Bob Sorensen writes about Translations
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Meredith Ann Pierce’s
  The Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood
Editorials Don Webb, “Unwinding the Vicious Spiral
Jerry Wright, The Journey
News Behind the Scenes

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