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Jonathan M. Sweet

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Jonathan M. Sweet is a writer whose signatures are small-town settings, usually in the South, and college campuses... influenced by his life growing up in a little Southern town and three years attending Arkansas State University.

While at A-State he majored in psychology and worked at the campus paper, The Herald, for six months. At ASU he wrote a historical fiction for his creative writing class called “Good Friday: The Death of the Second Messiah,” which later was released in his first collection Almasheol (2002), along with five other post-graduation era pieces.

His second novel, Postcards of the Hanging, is expected to be released this summer. He has also released a poem about his days as a newspaper columnist in Today's Famous Poems: On the Wings of Pegasus (2003).

He lives with his family in the Missouri Bootheel, where he writes short stories and novels. The conservative ex-journalist, former shopkeeper, and dog l over is a famous figure around his community, often seen collecting aluminum cans on the highway and running weekend yard sales during the summer."

Copyright © 2004 by Jonathan M. Sweet

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