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Bob Sorensen lives a prototypical suburban Northern Virginia community nestled among countless Civil War battlefields. He is employed as a computer scientist for a large, faceless government bureaucracy located somewhere inside the Capital beltway

Bob and his wife Jean have three children; they all enthusiastically support Bob’s writing efforts, mostly by letting him use the computer downstairs when everybody else wants to do homework, check e-mail, or play “World of Warcraft.”

In addition to Bewildering Stories, his work has appeared in Orchard Press Online Mystery Magazine, Futures Anthology Magazine, ScienceFictionFantasyHorror, and the Taj Mahal Review.

However, Bob’s coolest product to date was appearing in the December 2005 issue of Esquire magazine in their “What you’ve learned: our second-annual collection of wit, wonder, and wild foolishness from our readers’ lives,” with the entry:

“Some people will volunteer for just about any job, no matter how crappy. Try to sit next to these people in meetings.”

“Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” — Henry David Thoreau

Copyright © 2006 by Bob Sorensen

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