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Bewildering Stories

Shannon Joyce Prince

Bewildering Stories biography

My name is Shannon Prince, and I am a creative writing major and junior at Dartmouth College. In addition to writing, I am an activist for indigenous and African issues, a ceramics maker, and a travel addict. My favorite activity is dancing the salsa with the elderly people I serve at a local Salvation Army community center.

I write poetry, creative non-fiction, and fiction that covers everything from nature and love poems, retellings of fairy tales, and the oral histories of marginalized peoples. I have been published in Frodo’s Notebook, Falcon Wings, KUHF magazine, Imprint, and Rice University’s Writers in the Schools magazine.

Copyright © 2007 by Shannon Joyce Prince

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Poetry Prose Fiction
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Compassionate Palimpsests
As Beautiful as Fish in a Dream, parts 1-2; parts 3-4
Why Magicians Have No Epitaphs, part 1; conclusion
Amorphous Day

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