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Philip Murray-Lawson

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Philip was born in Scotland, but has lived most of his adult life in Turkey and France. After taking an Honours Degree in history at Aberdeen, Scotland, Philip became a teacher of English. He now runs Evolution-abc, a Paris based language consulting company.

His first ever publications focused on language training and appeared in Prism, a Learning Journal. Philip’s first literary works were translations of two stories by the French fin de siècle writer Marcel Schwob. These appeared in Udolpho, the periodical of the Gothic Society, to which he also contributed non-fiction articles.

Philip’s collection of horror stories Heresies was published in 2000. In the last two or three years Philip has participated in a creative writing workshop in Shakespeare & Co in Paris. These experiences have encouraged a penchant for humorous horror stories.

He was in the top ten of the Women on Writing spring 2011 Flash Fiction contest and was interviewed on their blog. One of his stories, “Rouge Assassin,” has appeared in the anthology Emanations Second Sight currently available on Amazon, another will appear in a horror anthology published by the Apocryphile Press in 2013.

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