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Philip Ivory

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My stories are dark, mysterious journeys but never without hope. In addition to Bewildering Stories, my fiction appears in Devolution Z and Dali’s Lovechild and soon will be published in Mystic Illuminations. I was a winner of the 2015 Writers Studio Tucson “Write-to-Read” contest for my story “Most of Us Are from Someplace Else.”

I grew up in the vicinity of New York City and studied literature at Columbia University. I spent a year at Cambridge University, reading Shakespeare and Chaucer and being photographed in my bathrobe by tourists as I crossed the 600-year-old courtyard to reach the nearest bathroom.

These days, I’m a professional writer living in Tucson, Arizona. In my writing work for major charitable causes, I have put words in the mouths of notables ranging from Jerry Seinfeld to William Shatner.

Tucson is a marvelous place, even though there are creatures living in your yard that could kill you. There’s a thriving writers’ community here that has embraced me and been embraced by me, particularly the wonderful people at the Tucson branch of Writers Studio, with whom I further my craft.

I write to entertain others but also for my own therapeutic benefit, which is why my blog is called

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