Hugo In London

by Marina J. Neary

Cast of Characters

Victor Hugo (early 50’s) — a legendary French writer, somewhat narcissistic, searching for inspiration for his new novel, haunted by the ghost of his dead daughter

Jocelyn Stuart (early 20’s) — King William’s bastard daughter, the unofficial Duchess of Clarence, romantic, delusional, unintentionally cruel, admires Hugo

Rev. Preston Barclay (early 50’s) — an obscure theologian, disillusioned, sarcastic, secretly infatuated with Jocelyn, envies and hates Hugo

Kip (mid-40’s) — Jocelyn’s fiancé, high-profile Westminster attorney whose real name is Edmund Barrymore; seeks camaraderie in the slums of Southwark

Dr. Grant (late 40’s) — Cambridge-educated sociopath known for maiming his patients and mixing opium-based concoctions, owns the Golden Anchor Inn

Wynfield (mid-20’s) — Dr. Grant’s adopted son, a former gangster with a few nasty scars and a few horror tales, the symbol of brutal English humor

Diana (about 16) — Wynfield’s drinking mate and partner in crime; fragile, tomboyish, bitter; bearing resemblance to Hugo’s dead daughter

Brigit and Ingrid — two circus girls accompanying Dr. Grant

Officer Crippen (early 30’s) — a constable, accompanied by two officers

Neil Harding (early 50’s) — a former gang leader, imprisoned for life

Lord Cranworth — Chancellor at the House of Lords, tired and apathetic

Lord Cardigan — corrupt English general, commander of the Light Brigade

Granard, Wilton, Lauderdale, Ellenborough — decadent young lords


Copyright © 2008 by Marina J. Neary

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