The Galactic Council englobes the Solar System to shield the galaxy from Earth’s culture of violence. However, a large, peaceful human population takes refuge on a frozen planet, Starhell. They terraform their new world while ingeniously hiding it from Galactic patrols.

Katia, Earth’s original Dream Singer, and Cyr, the Bridge first sent to Earth by the Galactics, have long been close friends and are now cybernetic personalities. They relinquish their roles as leaders of the refugee colony and become ambassadors to humanity’s mysterious benefactors, the Qwell’Na.

Me’Avi — Katia’s granddaughter and the last Galactic representative to Earth — becomes the Galactics’ last Grand Minister and, as the Galactic Council merges with the Tunnel Worlds, the first High Speaker of the new Galactic Assembly. She has long known that the Galactics are weak compared to two far more powerful races: the pacifistic Qwell’Na and the murderously xenophobic Skeltz.

The weary Qwell are eager to relinquish galactic government to a new generation. Katia and Cyr, now themselves both Qwell and human, retire to explore the galaxy in two old spaceships: Cyr in the Alexei’s Pride and Katia in the Harrigan’s Whelp.