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How to Update Your Bewildering Stories Bibliography

Your “BwS bibliography” is the list of your titles on your bio page. Each title links directly to a story, poem or essay. It used to be the only index we had. Since Michael E. Lloyd’s Titles, Authors, Genres Index (under “General Indexes,” in the menu) became our primary resource, updating the list of titles on the bio page has been optional. If you would like to do it, here’s how. The gist is: please send links.

First, two notes:

As for the procedure, please note that you don’t have to do any typing at all; you need do only two copy-pastings for each title:

  1. Right-click on the issue number of your missing title and do “Open in a new window.” That way, you won’t lose your place on the index page.

    Copy the title and paste it into a word-processor or e-mail file.

  2. Select the title again:

    1. Do “Copy link” in your Net browser.
    2. Paste the link into your word-processor or e-mail file.

If you were Cyrano de Bergerac and wanted to add a title to your BwS bibliography, the result might look like this:

One Small Step for a Woman...

See, no typing needed. Continue copy-pasting until you have a list of all the missing titles and links. Then send it to the Managing Editor.

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