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Bewildering Stories Contest 2: Time Travel

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Shorter Division
Vishal Thapar, The Closet, the Little Boy, and Three Wizards
Robert M. Blevins, Combination Lock
Katherine Allen, Crashing a Garden Party
Clyde Andrews, Dr. Obenweiser’s Diary
L. Roger Quilter, A Few Minutes in Time
Michael E. Lloyd, For the Conference
Gavin J. Carr, Free Market
Roberto Sanhueza, Have a Drink
James Allen Starkloff, The Hidden Truth
Lewayne L. White, House Call
Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, The Infinite Disaster
euhal allen, Karniqua’s Surprise
David Marshall, The Pontiff of Sol
Stephen Heister, Redemption Point
Jörn Grote, Save Point
Elena Clark, The Time Travelers’ Companion
R D Larson, The Trip
Longer Division
Michael E. Lloyd, Adventures in Unsettling Times
Tamy Lachnitt, The Affair
Carmen Ruggero, Auld Lang Syne
Mike Coombes, Dancer in Time
Roberto Sanhueza, Dreams
Slawomir Rapala, Dreams of Babylon
Kevin Savage, Election Day, 2000
John R. Turner, Firstborn Killer
Mary B. McArdle, Foray
Clyde Andrews, Home in Time for Breakfast
Lewayne L. & Dagan M. White, Haydn Seeks
Kenneth Nichols, It’s the Thought That Counts
Joshua Blanc, Jutzi Coblentz, Amish Time Traveler
Robert M. Blevins, Last Train Home
Al McDonald, The Man Who Met Himself
Thomas R. Willits, Not As Old As I Used To Be
Inanna Gabriel, The Santa Claus Effect
Robert L. Sellers Jr., Stitch in Time
Jörn Grote, The Strongholds at the End of Time
Gavin J. Carr, Team Work
Lawrence R. Dagstine, Time Circle
Gary Inbinder, Time Killers
E. S. Strout, Time Out
Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Time Share
Jerry A. G. Ericsson, Time Tripping
Thomas R., A Vision
Rachel Parsons, A Timeline Regression
Karlos Allen, What Would You Do?
L. Roger Quilter, Ye Olde Oaken Barrel
Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, The Year of the Century
C. Meton, You Can Bet Your Shirt on It

Research contest: Ye Editors are gathering time-travel stories in the expectation of a new Bewildering Stories anthology. Many of the stories in this Contest will appear in it. We’d like you, our readers, to peruse, scour and trawl our back issues and send us a list of all the time-travel stories you can find. You can use the search engine in the Archive. This will give us a broad base of stories from which we can pick and choose and publish the “crème de la crème.” Please divide them according to your personal preference: favorites, acceptable and other.

The reader who submits the best list will receive a complimentary copy of the anthology and will be cited in it as a researcher.

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