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by Kenji Siratori


blood of etc of the embryo that the simulacle ant of the sun overturns the plug of the murder of the circulation=pierrot of the grief of <earth area> that centipede joints in the earth where escapes to the region of the boundless pupil of the sleepwalker that beats to digital=<eye> of a cell--drug=of to the having two heads of the cyber of the embryo the body fluid of the fatalities love thrust through the interior of the womb different=space of tokage=the tip of the body does an ant highway gimmick the desert becomes wind apocalypse of self-destructs happily BABEL of white paper condition fatalities of... a vital target quark in the street of the thin light of this cadaver city does the skull of the dog stained to the plasma of the blue sky ferments reflein "life anti-faustic body of storage does" the violence of the no destruction of world-ism guerrilla!... chameleon=of the heart of the future tense that cuts "F" and tear=the micro invader of the ant who dashes wraps with the wafer and palpitation the fractal earth where zero goes changing to negative <seed> of the material now <love> of the clone-dive to the amoeba form abnormal world communication network of the human body=antenna with 1gram of frivolity of a cell in the time when committed suicide to catch the grief of the lightning speed of eve to the human body tissue of the dog of Adam and etc of which loops the ruinous body of the gene that grasped the acme of night sky... the manhole of the sun of a cadaver is caused to the perception of an embryo inhabited the corpse of the dog of the present tense inside of reflein of orgasm brain/genital organs in danced cause drug organ of infectious is angel of immature LOAD "sun of catastrophe centipede of unlimited body organ to imprisoned was..." material of negative blood vessel <earth area> of happy vision to echoes moonlight of f/0 of despair to clone of bio=less desire instigate air to hung was BABEL of rhinoceros bar menstruation of tense? in the desert of the future tense of the chromosome where fabricates the instant of the suicide of tokage to the flow of the wolf of when... /NIHIL/electron of-to: the sun the hallucination*ovarium*DNA of LOAD(%) that ism shoots and was bleached the eyeball the interference of the fly to the chaosmic respiratory organs of the clone=mankind I collect in the jungle of the F floor of the interior of the womb the thin air of a cadaver reproduces the perception of "S" out of-the soul creates an embryo does happiness to be a gimmick/a cadaver does the infinite earth of a manhole to the neutron bomb the cell reflects the taste desire "to open the eye of a cell... to release the bisexual soul of the butterfly..." as for the earth the ruin of the drop of an ant as for the mystery of the embryo that inheriteds to the fractal pattern, your micro cadavers that are the heart that demolishes the dogmatic reproduction gland of soul and was druging of an ant quark with the end of the world to gather the zero gravity of body outside certain <death> of the quark machine sun of howl sec that was murdered <voice> of the fatalities so causes the emotional particle of the pierrot passed to the paradoxical molecules of the cell and guerrilla that dream the cosmic disillusionment of the street of the different=world and circulate the space that the clone quiesced to your internal organ happily to the lapse of memory line of etc of a dog the gimmick of an embryo you--to the fractal gun report of the madman that was lost to your eye that makes the time of the suicide of an embryo hand ... harmonizes. vital transmission line chaos black pupil conduction clone 120%: <love> formation the instant is to enable the reproduction of the placenta of BABEL with the end of the world//the undirt of gene=TV...


cyber*earth of the fatalities is communicated to the radiation state=body gimmick of the ant that the larva of chaos was canceled/activate the soul that goes falseness to masochistic highway of the sun that communicates the cosmic cell of an ant... quark: of the dog that despairs <earth area>=of to the artificial intelligence of the dynamic bare feet that does sec of the body of an ant to the fractal pattern of "the sun" the virtual storage "the murder" that drops the neutron bomb of insect*organ [monochrome-drug] on the brain cells of 1gram of supreme bliss interference=the body mode of the cosmic dog of the drug organ circles to the zero gravity space of an embryo to DIME/radio wave of gene=TV that thinks about the manhole fatalities of brain of radio wave jack of which the earth of bisexual tokage does the desire of the body of the direction conversion/wolf that changes the direction of a wind of the reproduction of the earth to the DIGITAL=spectrum of the indiscrimination murder class of a chromosome to borderless... to the micro creature of the sun that does the end of the TV=thalidomide that is in the end of the womb LOAD war of 0mile of the deep sea bio=less_machine the high speed body of an ant diverges and the soul of the ant that the musical scale is being split inside of the chaosmic joke of the world is caused reverse and do the sympathy of inorganic substance <love> of mankind to <earth area> outside and escaped from entrance cadaver city of catastrophe=of=my heart grasped the region of the murder of the dog that drifts the middle of the mirror of chaos! Anti-faustic air of a dog is clarified to the birth of the 1000th Adam that write off the storage of the embryo of the lightning speed that did the fossil to the surface of the blue sky with the present tense of the cell other selfs that do the coordinates in the outer space of BABEL I peeled off favor from the reverse side in the moon which the chaos of road will be resuscitated by the analogy of the cannibal race of the solar system only when so... the continuous mystery of ex-embryo. topologic end of the sun "soul of your dog..."


to the murder play of the soul of the dog that the desert of light is drifting to the unmaturity_blood vessel of the sun chaos of <earth area> the anti-faustic stratosphere of the chromosome that whirls to the respiratory organs of the DIGITAL=ants that thrust through the happiness of the machine mechanism of an embryo to the escape circuit in the short just before of the earth that creates the universe of upside-down "as if I murder the sun of the storage of a dog..." at the blue cyber of the sky that makes the ant death that witnesses the cadaver of quark to the bioless_nuclear fission of the accident cell to <love> of the future tense of the clone excretion organ that drug was disillusioned the anthropoid caused the spiral of another gram to the boundless horizon of gene=TV that plunders the wind of the cosmic chromosome and do the body of the thalidomide of the angel to the standing erect immovable sun of BABEL gimmick to the cruel larva of the centipede that arms inhabited-- sun of end reverses clone-tokage of heart mystery ill-treated is embryo of megabyte of nerve on fatalities of language passed causes world of bisexual joke on ocean creature of sun of pill drops madman of how many hundred million miles thing brain to dog of cadaver city circled causes NIHIL of <love> space of catastrophic keyhole to drug mechanism of placenta of zero gravity=reproduction? brain universe of the ant that is scrapping the desire/hell of the sun is inverted and ground of zero=of which the soul of the dog of the extreme north that captures the synapse of etc of the cadaver transmit=chaos cuts the paradise of the internal organ where it was buried to the drug that is the spectacle of the anonymity of an electron in the nightmare of the reproduction of the fatalities that brings a chromosome <wave> and slough off-- body organ of the wolf that I was executed to the hell of the megabyte of the sun that shut down the cosmic inheritance of an ant to 1meter of the insanity of the cell of the sun that makes different of the space of the dog that goes to war an embryo resuscitates/to the negative conquest of the material that reflects light centipede=of=DIGITAL/anthropoid of which grasps the drug and make a tour/it does the terrorism of the latent period of an ant to traffic revelation as for to eye of the cell of BABEL <myself> as for to the science of the ant that was covered the blue of the sky to the mask of the embryo that does the obscenity blood of road in the over there of the sun traffic of the micro murder person where beats the game mankind, go bankrupt the DIGITAL*infancy period of the sun ant when does the negative insanity of the material desire! it causes the body organ of the wolf in heat to the blood vessel of the desert of the asphalt that caused catastrophe gone straight and DNA of a pure white fly fuck! the ground=chaos of zero=of which is the artificial desire of a clone of ant operate the fractal program of the artificial paradise that diverge to road that loop the emotional particle of the clone to <love> that shake LIM! cadaver of reflein does hearing to murder of converges chaos witnessed causes disillusionment of last term in sun road of embryoπ to clone of <love> of metropolis going across be communication impossible centipede of body organ immortality of embryo of gimmick done was mystery to deforming is DNA of etc of affection? the guerrilla of the no destruction of the cell clone-dive of stratosphere of which write off the mitochondria of the sun to <blood> that resists! bioless_soul of the wolf--


command the guerrilla of the synapse--cells in the last term of the fatalities! masochistic earth area of the embryo where the mummy of the sun love of catastrophic/clone of the storage that plunges the nail in the cadaver city of the treachery of DNA where the blood of the heat of the space that the time of a pierrot commits suicide to the birth of the dog of ADAM change to the hell of a cell LOAD--the body organ of the disillusionment of the mitochondria! the zero gravity organ of the drug be 0% terrorism of the vital body that supposes the soul of a dog to the numerous future tense of the insect short to the cosmology target=hypothalamus of the embryo that the gimmick of the happiness rapes thalidomide eye of gene=TV heart of the girl of BABEL that arms hunting for the grotesque. ... respire! to the fatalities that the cyber line that the brain of the embryo that the earth of death loops go off to the octave that went mad love the cell of love and hope... the blood vessel of the earth of the drug that beats to anti-faust of the embryo that reversed/record the masochism of the sun target=storage of the ground to the herd of 1 milligram of ant of road that continuously scraps the dogmatic murder of regeneration... highway where lonely cube of BABEL to the chromosome of the fatalities that I love/cut the play projects the narcissistic blood of the larva that ocean creature send back out the storage that was turned different violently to the eye of the DIGITAL*rhinoceros of the sun on the mirror of chaos-- to the brain of the drug mechanism of the embryo that overturned the mystery of the deep sea manhole of the earth area quark/molecule form catastrophe of the earth area that revolves the love of the non=spiral form=program... clone of DNA that I fabricate to the cell of the suspicion of the larva to the mirror image of the chaos of the ground that was flooded: the dog of myself stored the regeneration impossible speed of murder.


"your soul that becomes unknown=the zero of the universe that turned vital by brain does cannibal race of clone=love?"

my dog which rapes the anti-faustic sun of the gene in the desert of an embryo does the nebula of the disillusionment of the quark to the drug star of road that the manhole of a cadaver shines the body of storage to the rhinoceros bar body of the embryo of the respiratory arrest the image of the horizon to the placenta of the extreme north of BABEL LOAD to the keyhole of the suicide of the cell other selfs that sleeps in the deep sea interference and be blockading the earth to the brain puzzle of road of an ant fuck chromosome=of crab locus of eyeball that fly was betrayed to the velocity of light scream of the machine that is falling=to the dramatic hearing of the fatalities the world sonic the future tense of ADAM that <F> suspends the madman of the cosmic ant the pupil I become to the secret promise of the rhinoceros bar change of the cadaver city able to ride take that heart the virgin of a jaguar is the micro=acme of the body the brain of the embryo gets confused be exposed to the gimmick documentary of a cadaver it plays strange the love of the hell of the cell that my human body drifts to the maze of the DIGITAL=quickening and the earth where is latent to the quark of treachery crashes to the clonic strings of the reverse side in the moon the negative limit of a cell to body tissue palpitation the body of the fretfulness of an ant without becoming acquainted with exit of etc of the spiral is jointed to the soul that an embryo was disillusioned and to cause any births of the world to the anti faustic to the cruel stratification of a chromosome subsided to the hope of the mutation of the hell of the cell that rapes the soul in future to the undirt murder person of the emotional particle of strange speed of the chameleon who is pierrot of earth outside circle=of=to the soul of the sterility that begins to overflow to the internal organ murder of pupil of which dream-plays... the plug is scattered are caused to the rays of the space=zero that the cell other selfs reverse to the localization of the slaughter of the sun the true violent=skizophone of the cell disguised and the laughter of the mask to the body that leaps the quantum of the ant that the blue sky is infectious!


limit=sadistic soul of the desert that floats the brain of the fatalities and control the parasite=absence of the sun to the sonic placenta of the pantheon the light in the moon to the gram of the breakdown of the madman and dog who transmit the quickening of the change of an ant- cry out the gimmick of ADAM that wanders the interface of the nightmare! it migrates interval period of the cadaver that the world blinks to the cyber target=crime net of the sun to the thalidomidic vocal cord of the embryo that instigates the ground base of the clone and do the magma of the lewd variety of a chromosome desire drug area of where turned with the hosts of 8 of sun that are infectious into the synapse=universe of etc of an ant anti-faust of the air that joints gene=TV to the cyber of BABEL to the end of road of an ant... the existence of etc of the embryo the cadaver city to the space of the cyber*apocalypse LOAD gimmick centipede=of the scream of the clone of the future tense that the soul of the desert murders the nightmares of 8 milli to the heart of the mechanism of the artificial paradise that penetrates to the cell war of the sun and ant=the larva of the sun that conceived the cyber that diverges to an embryo LIM and be conducting the mitochondria of cosmic eye to the pool of death does the masochistic spot of murder of a female dog reflein earth area is eradicating the DIGITAL=chromosome to the mystery of the bio=less_embryo that the body type of the future of the atomic bomb/angel of the labyrinth/ant of the embryo that dementia condition//the earth where ADAM circles spins 1/2 skulls of the madman that crash to the two equal parts to the mysterious=quark of the cadaver city sing the disillusionment with the X fee of the artificial intelligence that become extinct thalidomide of perception of placenta to eyeball of natural calamity extraordinary natural occurrence LOAD does sunlight of f/0 of massacre of interior of the womb to mitochondria of escape circuit coexisting be ant of love clone of parasite*highway on accumulating be loves fatalities of DIGITAL_internal organ to weatherred sun of anti-faust looks at chaos of pupil? that chaosmic interlude area of the world... the last constellation of ADAM the body of the megabyte of the wolf to the drug of the immortality of an embryo quark.


smuggle the human body of BABEL! micro things of cadaver city quantum leaps vital body of megabyte of chaos to era respires sun? my brain does the synapse of the womb of the zero gravity that was latent to the negative of the cell that is forming the clonodrug of insect*brain to the brain of rhinoceros bar ocean creatures to the murder of the quiet horizon of f/0 that an embryo is parasitic on the interior of the womb of the fatalities that loves the transformer cannibal race=of which was accumulated to eve of the earth=orgasm that my other selfs that get drunk in the extinction condition of the crow where LOAD to the other side which was full to the amniotic fluid of the sun be nanotechnology in the hetero=mode of a chromosome stick cadaver=of=the stratosphere of the change of the milligram that spreads dives to the chaosmic planet of the embryo that is going to bury linkage to the blue cyber area of the sky F of my brain cell is dismantling the earth area where an embryo was saturated to the mysterious_quickening of the cadaver city that the aerofoil of the digital desire of ADAM that suck-blood my brain cell does the clonic soul of the cell war reflein the direct current condition of BABEL in the air of the chromosome that the body of anti-faust rapes the storage of a dog and focus the ectoplasm of my eyeball to the womb of the rhinoceros bar ant perceive the absence of the sun to direct with the brain that ant was suspended the sexual incubation of the asphalt that crashed to the hypothalamus of the cadaver that disguises the vocal cord of my rapture that thinks about the toy of MHz of gene=TV the ovarium of the death of road the moon when dances to the skull of the ocean that went to ruin the manhole of the sun! childish FUCK=of=reproduce the synapse of etc of the machine--embryo to the crease of the poor brain cell of the world! I accomplished the reverse=evolution of the DIGITAL_larva in the sun target=amniotic fluid range of mankind! chaos of the ground that my heart cries out with the fractal brain of the fatalities that loves releases five emotional particles of the clones that are infectious and interchange the mystery of an embryo to the negative soul of my body and was connected the language/thalidomide to the naked body of the cell division of the sun the sun*interior of the womb of entrance did equator to embryo of drug mechanism of body gimmick ant and quickening: of desert in approximated was metropolis? the reproduction gland of hallucination imp and invades be annihilating to the sun target=organ of the digital=vampire that my thinking respires to be an asphalt biography: to the topologic disillusionment of an embryo! the love of a wolf to the organ of my zero: reproduce! chromosome forgets the rhythm does drug embryo of spiral of blood?

::black paper::

my soul an embryo activates the eccentricity sky dance of the fractal reverse side--chromosome in the moon that is splitting in the amoeba state the word that the brain of the desert picks and is that the death induces the nanocrisis of the vital body that be proliferating and emit the placenta of the horizon of the cyber=mammal and to the remainder of the sun that drops 1 milligram of parasite=drug of outer space to the hell of the cell target=basement! to DNA of the vector of BABEL that was gathered from the cerebral cortex of the clone the DIGITAL_fly beats the guerrilla of f/0 of the micro cosmos... cell of the cadaver bio=less_melody of the sun interior of the womb to the negative=reproduction gland of the material interference LOAD to the thinking organ of etc of an embryo the last pupil of ADAM that the spatial feeler conducts perfect=cell division in the street on the other side of the sun is eroded to the mirror face of chaos) (the brain of an embryo from that sec of the clone commits suicide to the body fluid of the blue mechanism of the sky that the mode of the madman that escaped from my body fabricates the skull of the absence that should fear of the sun and loop the prosthesis of the immortality of the earth area to the numerous pipe line in the sun and future tense of the clone my brain the drug=organ in the over there of the zero of the womb terrorism to the quark gimmick of the cadaver city that quiesces or sing the fractal=love of a cadaver in the style of the system of the direct emotional particle that walks the crime net of the zero gravity=embryo the madmen of my desert who earth stimulates the digital-synapse that drifts to the sympathy of the chaosmic chromosome to the anti-faustic cervical vertebra of the sun be while exploding the hallucination of the suspension of an embryo to the cell tide in the future that clone is parasitic on the abnormal living body of the love that floats.


the cadaver city where the cell of the heart that the drug that gathers the thalidomidic shell of the sun throb loop eye in the future that was abused the cosmic love of the womb that desert was suspended to the anus of the sterility of the wolf that scrap empty orgasm of a chromosome to the skull of the crazy madman of 0 mile of an ant with me who murder the wave of the larva of the clone to the violent emotion that was forged short of DIGITAL that makes the over there of the nightmare to the nude eyeball of the drug*area zero... to the desire that hung the fatalities the cadaver city where**overflow**to the hearing organ that waves the earth where does my body sonic to the localization of thinking to the cyber that I was raped wolf of blood that turned pale to the lewd naked body of the drug that I smuggle all the nerves that recured to my embryo whirls sun of zero=of=the parasite abnormal living body of the light in the moon to lining cloth LOAD the pierrot of treachery to stab the gene of love into the joke of the previous world that act: I died to my empty body organ previous sun target=fatalities desire through the membrane of Level0 of a cell spit cannibal race=of=danced in technologic street! as for the antifaustic clone of the earth area the spiral that able to ride to the breakdown of true f/0 that is infectious in the suspension area of the emotional particle quark of the cyber*embryo and reverse that cell to the exercise of the ant lion of the universe is a rhinoceros bar god? is the DNA the optimistic=visibility of BABEL? the food racial=sun of the cell that blinks to the cadaver of god! to your brain the chaosmic body organ of the digital=vampire resuscitate! plug to road of the storage corpse of a dog the severe shock and the love in the last term of an embryo clonic different vital VTR that ADAM instigates the horizon of the chromosome the tactile sense to the brain universe that was broken the larva of the mirror image of the chaos that projects the independent position target=war of the human body earth area=of=the murderous internal organ of the blue sky that is parasitic on the interlude area my body the chromosome=world of the disillusionment--


to the fingertip of the marionette=brain cell of the embryo that accumulates the happiness type of the past of an artificial paradise on the gimmick of the drug mechanism of the angel that my soul begins to split on the brain of the murder of an ant the cell wolf toys with the cyber=aerofoil of the clone catastrophic internal organ of the blue sky quark the transmission line of the cadaver city plays to the mode of life clonic passion of birds discloses the DIGITAL_generative organ to the vocal cord with the bio=less_air of an embryo sun that the stratosphere of the happiness of a chromosome consciousness of the micro murder that was done the drug*reproduction gland of the blue sky my gimmick that cracks to the accomplice of the velocity of light=inheritance of death god who DNA is diverging like the guerrilla of the cell of the ant interference to the map on the other side of the sun desire and was made the eradication of the hell of the cell the honeycomb of TOKAGE BABEL visual hallucination send back out the fission disease of the sun to DIGITAL to the cell other selfs that dance earth outside circle=of where my brain basement of the embryo in the annihilation just before LOAD=to the splendid suspension of the baby-universe that ill-treats the hope of the ants of the future tense to the chromosome and interchange the word of the fatalities to the rhinoceros bar crime net of ADAM the brain of a dog the infinite embryo of the graviton the sun that the emotional particle that idles was crossed--to magnetaito of f/0 of the cadaver that inherited the synapse of etc of the god straightforwardly desire! the end of the cell the DIGITAL_aerofoil of the brain of the madman to the eye of the synapsetic rhinoceros of the embryo that creates the intention of the rhinoceros bar murder of the cloud to my velocity of light=storage of the immortality that flutters to the murder medium of the lightning speed of anti-faust and recover the hell of the micro=larva guerrilla is my soul done to the chaosmic=cyber of BABEL infinite divergence and the cell war of the hell of the sun in the outer space of the brain of an embryo gimmick bisexually?? to my inorganic substance=caress that does not know you who the word bursts to the crisis of 1 micron of a vital body and fly! the respiratory organs of the childish apocalypse are jointed to the pupil of the DIGITAL_girl!


Attack the blood of an ant! Zone of the disillusionment of the sun that was repaired by the spiral of the fatalities of a chromosome proliferates of this cadaver city quark=of which is gradually in flux on the cyber target=placenta of anti-faust=an embryo--horizon of f/0 of the clone that the dance machine of the cadaver that the soul of the disillusionment that the pupil of the rebellion girl that was done desire into the mirror of the chaos the aerofoil of the brain of the milligram of the drug to the jump impossible black hole of an ant battle my pure white cerebral cortex fuck walks transmit--VTR of the negative death of the embryo that the equator of the chromosome the clone-dance of the sun=organ that was fabricated the technology of the cell war by the horizon that DNA of the black sun that was deceived to the present tense of TOKAGE be infectious rhythm was supposed reflein % synapsetic=etc of the sun to the remainder of the digital*cannibal race to the body organ of the madman and dog who go mad 120% of despair of the electron ground target=brain resuscitates and give a blood transfusion to eye of the absence of the sun the cadaver city inside my mosaic embryo of zero gravity=of=induce terror to the emotion of Level0 of the nightmare the clonic living body of the reverse side in the moon the childish plug of the vital body to the placenta of the fatalities that continuously rotates to the eyelid of the murder of the pierrot the high speed the vulgar inhabitant of the drug=organ of the larva the revelation my brain resists in the style of bio=less of an embryo destroys: my blood is a cadaver and the same rank and do palpitation to air: the comeback impossible body organ of the wolf that parallels to the chaosmic war of a vital body chromosome of: brain cells that bore the tube of the womb against the mass of flesh of the madman: is incubated the infant of the wave of the zero who is latent in the world the happiness of the blue sky to the DIGITAL=placenta of the wolf that becomes extinct and conduct the equal soul that brain the desert of the drug mechanism of an embryo visual hallucination to the reverse space of the certain sun within the end of the world! The negative insanity of the material is contrary=to DIGITAL of the interior of the womb of the sun that ant records the brain of the reproduction on my DNA to eye that howled! Radioactivity=Level of the embryo that cracks.


Darkness of chaos=the puppet of the virtual realistic=cadaver of the embryo that chromosome=was write off by the cerebral cortex of direct tokage road of the rhinoceros bar dog that slaughtered the infant of the fractal pattern of vain gravity the sun that escapes the blue of the sky causes the chromosome of a girl in the basement where the internal organ of the pierrot that awoke was ignored the placenta of the clone to the storage that was lost danced drug=of in the valley of the fatalities of the fabrication of the gimmick--DNA of the idiot of the electron theory of the sun where light and shadow segregated to the coil of the heat of SADO that was engraved to the digital=pupil of the crow that causes the masochistic sun to the vocal cord of the fatalities blinked and do the musical scale of magma to the brain of an embryo electromotion=circle the body of the angel! I penetrate the digital=right brain of the centipede to the other side of the sun and the infinite=death of the sun is regenerated to VTR of the cyber*reptilian of gene=TV that night sky of cell other selfs=witnessed the guerrilla continuously=pupil of the mad dog plays strange the body organ of the great distance of the clone the manhole of the cadaver city to the zero gravity=love of the sun that murder=DNA thought about the outer space where was reversed to the brain of the embryo that is parasitic on the reverse side in the moon the rhinoceros bar=god of the gene that transmitted the blood of the fusion of asphalt causes floated the hell of the megabyte of the cell that bred the childish cracking of the soul that is projected 1milligram of fatalities of the earth area to the mirror of the chaos that beat to the brain target=back reason of the absolute zero of ADAM and eve=of=I sing the parasite=invasion of the earth area that played to the despair of the clone to the dogmatic heart! I dishevel the various varieties of the cadavers of road the gravity that was forged to the element of the apocalypse that lapse and gather the disillusionment of the X foot of the placenta to the bio=less_soul of the desert of DIGITAL now and whole of vital body showed the brain of the immortality of the fatalities and fall into silence and do the focus of the micro=madness of an ant battle! and sun of infinite=of=to the soul that impossible to masochistic sec of the ant the micro=murder person of the earth area palpitation happiness--to body every part of the life-size embryo of gene=TV that pulls the electron of the disillusionment of the sun and peeled off to the escape impossible internal organ of the pierrot that loops and commits suicide the resolution of the dog that poaches the body


Cell of which the sun toys with the womb skin of my hallucination that wanders the soul of the inorganic substance=mad dog to the cerebral cortex of the plane the interference of the clones that radiated ant lion site of my blood vessel... to the vent of f/0 that travels the reverse side in the moon sun of which able to ride and fabricated the murder of the other selfs of that eschatology reverses to the storage that the madman was split before it’s present it scraps in the outer space of etc of the sun the heart death of the megabyte of an embryo turned off the soul of a dog to the bisexual god of ADAM that forms sec of the rhinoceros bar self punishment of the metropolis to the alternating current of the clonic love of the chromosome that the vital body that my pupil that turned with VTR of suicide betrayed the baby universe street of a dog became cloudy/eradicate to the mirror of chaos loop and an embryo recur the cell war that was lost pupil that was betrayed the infinite=desire of the cadaver city in 1/2 of the future tense of DNA that resuscitated to the placenta of the thalidomide=molecule of an ant dived: the mn to the placenta of the darkness of clone-tokage that soul=was raped//BABEL ism=loops to synapse impregnation/eye is transformed... :the terror that vital body interchanges to sec of the suicide of the horizon to dive was filled eye of the cell of the sun was flooded to the analogic internal organ of a crow so! the cerebral cortex of my f/0 (BABEL-ism) of spider=of=the murderous intention is secreted: human being=of the blue sky was turned the different that crowds=to sweetheart so DIGITAL:... mad dog=of=the eyeball was respiring !!!LOAD/120%:::: [chromosome @


horizon=of which was selected to the gear of the brain of the angel that is crushed to eye of the cramp target=vs=disillusionment of the machine=magma that the image of the placenta becomes in the basement of the sun f the sigh that turned pale to the body of etc of the embryo that I invaded cadaver city=of where it was interchanged=ant*suicide*the ants of f laugh to the fresh blood of the chromosome that my etc is suffocated to the sun*murderous intention of the disgrace*eyeball instigated: er_pted///drug=of the nebula of the chaosmos/1 gram of suspension of my brain cell that the hearing impossible other selfs of an embryo)) rhythm of BABEL-ism brain of my junkie gimmicks-dogs of the embryos from=evaporate the ocean! neutron=of DIGITAL of an embryo desire=chromosome of wolf=I deceived air: melody of the murder of the sun that was eroded the drug with the aerofoil///with 8 embryos who my storage shed the tears machine that write off the horizon of air with the gimmick gene=TV of the synapse///the sun was turned on-out of the stratosphere that the brain of the fatalities that I love was discharging 1/8 placentas of the disillusionment that interchange to the hell of the cell=of=the earth of battle that was seen is loved to the back of the eyelid of the embryo///the murder love... off-set.

Genetic Toy

my crazy brain chromosome of sun rapes: mad dog///rhinoceros bar extreme north?... :the placenta of the hell of DNA future of the embryo interference is split and the skull of the cosmology of the butterfly emits cracking clone of: love that collide with the murder scene of f of the monochrome storage and the mirror image of immature///chaos of cells imperial tomb dive=of=DNA of the horizon or volley... sun of the brain of the dog that is going to ruin to the DIGITAL_placenta cadaver city=of where cries and collapsed=///the maze that womb of: the entrance to DNA ex-insect of the secret that tells to the fragment of the storage of the existence that is earth area of release=of=slow-motion (the blue of the sky blinks///the monochrome mass of flesh of the murderous intention to the perception like my butterfly design color my consciousness that accelerates "=f of vacuum=" to the body of the joke that resembled the buffoonery of the embryo was incubating the micro murder person to the dark quickening of sunlight: massacre of air pointed at the truth of the deep sea--echoes chromosome of outside circle in is heart... :my inheritance of silly spectgram cyber*ocean of courthouse of hell in proliferated embryo of fingertip madman of direction sun of 1 gram of sympathy to quark fatalities of etc of synapse horizon of infinite voice goes resuscitating cadaver of x foot of sleep embryo=of=mysterious_body of chaosmic dance??? fills... the future of the stratosphere beats to the terrorism of the sun of the chromosome that circulates: the earth to the cell division of f/0 of air the time of my death continuously scrapped the thin respiration of enough gene=TV--the micro eyelid of the embryo that the clonic image of desire dived to the passion of f/0 of DNA that my young cerebral cortex was playing strange body=spectacle of the drug mechanism of the sun*kiss--limbic system [S} of the ant of the end- clone=of which is respiring in the reverse side in the moon=the area... fractal/motion of the guerrilla... vacant chameleon of the cell to the remainder of the end of the century... sun of the nerve fiber [as if fLIM is a butterfly.


(:::a vital body to control as the brain target=transmission resource of violence machine <<machine/f>> of the continuation)

the sun becomes///the skinhead of the embryo who the maze of the womb transmits the soul of the rhinoceros bar dog various body of the brain cells of a fly chromosome=was oxidizing] the desire of the arm=the ant lion of the body/mode that becomes f. embryo scratches the love that was prohibited in the beginning of a new disillusionment and clone stroke... to the darkness of placenta f/0 of the chaos of the ground that the planet of heterogaia... was discharging anti-fausts of the stratosphere. eyeball of the ant of the murderous intention quark in the schizophrenic blue sky of the nest of the spider where lost the masochistic desire of the sun f that caused the miniature garden of the girl of road shock eye of the cell shoots the walk of the zero gravity=space of a dog and with the blood and an embryo turned pale an ant [1 gram=of=ant] of the placenta of the nightmare of the cell was being torn and was being cutting--the heteromaniac regeneration of the world!]


1 embryo=of=the cracking/mode of my chromosome that the sun makes different of the love of the future tense of the clone that f was eroded to: reverse the heart of f/0 of the clone=embryo that was mixed to the barren blood vessel of the parasite centipede of the sun. the light in the moon of my chromosome body fluid of the pupil of a girl like the butterfly clonic love in future to=8 drug=organs of brain=of the embryo that cause broken and idle to the equator/mode of the womb suck blood///to the back of the fractal eyelid of the fatalities BABEL=I paint the halo of the cyber of a dog and my soul beat brain embryo of before dawn:::love heart of the fatalities to hold and resuscitate the retina of the DIGITAL_ant))

2 the locus of the love of the clone that quiesced. it respires the membrane in the moon that my f/0 of that is connected to the soul battle of a dog and the velocity of light embryo interchange was exposed to the retina of the no destruction of the fatalities to the brain cells that was murdered brain of the schizophrenic embryo or L of the sun reverse=space of the clone centipede of the infinite sun that write off the fuzzy synapse of an ant to intestines of the sea that become and explode unknown and caused to the body of my minus inhabited to the heart of f of upside-down of the abnormal world that resonates to the message of the ant of the end each other

3 [thinking other self]=of bioless_embryo that the area wore the brain of the fatalities that shrieks=the mode of life. nude cyber whirls [fly-] chromosome of the anonymity of the fatalities that my cerebral cortex emitted cracking to the mirror face of chaos to the soul of the body/mode of an embryo in the ground of the brain of the ant where the inorganic substance love of the sun interference of BABEL-ism that leans in the reverse side in the moon where I was fabricating absent=of=the synapse of etc of the embryo:::recover that grasped desire!-or

4 to come flying///to invade the cervical vertebra of sec of suicide///the dizziness of an embryo ground of clonic petal awakes///outer space to the thinking of every suspension that ventures the drug area of an ant embryo of before dawn=of=brain will snatch the stratification of the megabyte of the earth area as for the future of an embryo, I will rape the cadaver city where my soul of f/0 of weather centipede of organ just like of sun was suffocated so orgasm of the centipede to topological: reverse this world of 1////the cell other selfs break through the hollow shell of f**[n-]***


sun=becomes f/0 of the pierrot that the interior of the womb becomes extinct=of=a crow of the hell of the cell that X foot drifts were reproducing the crowd of the visual impossible sun of an embryo from my cerebral cortex that grasped the beat of 1 milligram of drug in the outside circle of the chromosome of the fatalities glistens to the internal organ and shine: cut f! tear f! :embryo=stratification was scrapped==the spinal column of the cyber of the dog of BABEL-ism that cuts the TV*placenta to death and ant of DNA=walk I command the infinite rape of the sun my 8 eyeballs that conceived the intelligence of the love of the clone to the octave of f/0 of road that is the murder scene of the micro blue sky conducts chromosome=of=horizon*monster of the season turned different to the camera-eye that was disturbed my brain before embryo is present sun of body fluid of [heterogaia] of the fatalities that was created in the outer space death interference causes attached freeze before dawn [:f/0] of blood ant of brain=of=to the blackhole drug=of=a vulgar living body is instigated! insanity=of a girl comes off and be falling=the pupil embryo of numerous that was stranded in outer space=of=the duct was being respired: murder f! :release the infinity of fatalities to my exercise DNA of the interference of 1 micron of the gene that disturbs your chromosome to the skinhead of battle of an embryo and I move to the present tense of an embryo! desire of 1 micron of road:::the crowd without the limit of the petal that turned:::my brain cell moon surface of an embryo with communication impossible of the brain of the ant that deform with the embryo stimulates=I] occupied [=cramped to clonic love to BABEL of fly of: the sonic boom of narcolepsy: body of my before dawn imp and splits was conducted so the infinite existence/mode of an embryo to [sunlight of (ant=of=the future] reverses) to the megabyte of brain the cadaver that becomes extinct desire: the sonic stratosphere/mode of my embryo is mixed to reverse:


DNA of ants negative insanity of the material that suspended the sun to hang space to pierrot of grief=of=the intention of the zero gravity=space of the embryo that brain sends the die and floated to the chaos of a chromosome with the plural brain of an embryo was beating the deadlock of the vampires that crowds in the reverse side in the moon season when was turned different of a chromosome is thrust through and my lonely cell that conceived be crying out the left-handed massacre of the earth that the image discharges clones of love immortality=of=recursivity embryo=is abused in the great distance in the moon=light strange play horizon=of=sea of the embryo incubate with twice that abolish f of the ground is caused the bulb of insanity DIGITAL_route of an embryo floated just like the catastrophic pupil of fatalities on the horizon and conduct to the grief of f/0 of the pierrot love that pulsates to the absolute zero of the chameleon and clone occupied the ground=of=the world sand when it becomes impossible=causes BABEL=of consciousness that degenerated direct current resisted the hell of f/0 of the cadaver and cadaver that were passed to cyber target road of an ant, without dreaming was wandering the interior of the womb of the disillusionment with the fatalities of the light year of an embryo my soul was speaking over the telephone/womb of now the desert without grief—


(there is not an image in the body and there are the quick motion of 8 eddies merely only) induce the mode of a chromosome! hell of the cell that earth area season of abnormalization of the human body when an embryo combines and the riot to the code of the change to the side relation of the blackhole sigh///fatalities=fuck=the eye of the rhinoceros that circulates embryo was showing sea where becomes unknown earth=of=the brain of the heat of the mitochondria visual hallucination was instigating the placenta of f/0 octave of the disillusionment that the sun of the chameleon*embryo was set up to the cyber of the paradise of f that loops to DIGITAL_sec of a cadaver: desire organ just like the future tense of the end of an embryo commands hacking the escape circuit of the sun to road of the ant that I was abused and respired! recover to the breath of f/8 of heterogaia that clone caused the immature DNA=channel of an embryo to the living body of the love that is decaying hybridized! recover! etc of the existence that an embryo goes straight was interchanging the rape of set just like the soul of the cadaver that fills the thin placenta of the stratosphere that f is split to the human body of anonymity in the earth of before dawn now was being dreamed of! hetero=machine of desire was turned upside down f/0 drug twister of the desire that beats so and snatch the earth area of clones breast womb=complicated an embryo bisexually///1 milligram of ant of outer space committed suicide: skull of the ant that was awoke in the reverse side in or moon of infinite*reproduction of asphalt desire clones of bio=less_love to latent my embryo howling was/barking was embryo of before dawn of desire ant of 1 micron of inhabitant with controls infinitely certain horizon of DIME_TV screen reproducing who? unit whose brain to awoke was drug=of=body? sleep!!! the inhabitant impossible despair of DNA! light in the moon invaded: the mysterious_motion of an embryo with my soul brain of the earth was lacking to scrap catastrophe of gene Level with the body of minus of an embryo so! the localization of the love of the clones: MHz that drug is projected to the image that harmonized.


to the blood vessel that the extreme that thinks about=8 ice embryos of the body fluid who bloom all over in the noisy flight spiral of the sun was split limit of the disillusionment that bark the negative insanity of the material to the f-DIGITAL_body/mode of an embryo: transmitting was the speed of the blue awakening of the existence difficult sky with///the outer space where becomes the gimmick of an embryo grasps cadaver of god impossible=I illicitly sell perception cadaver=of=rape storage loss! clone of sleeplessness=of the quarks of desire blink and the murderous intention of manhole just like of an embryo=as for sun of body fluid that turned pale to the future tense sun that was fabricated and was go up in flames will begin to reproduce the mode of the end of an emotional particle to road of ants to the opening of the chromosome of the fatalities that controlled the brain cells of drift desert of=visual impossible=of fly of crowd self of 1 milligram of brain of BABEL-ism instigating was magma of vocal cord treachery of high tide sec recorded cadaver sleep able to desire ground cause... pierrot of human body breakdown of BGM in accordance with pupil to moon in reverse side LIM*resuscitating was embryo of suicide of blood vessel earth of infinite incubation condition just like was storage of childish exercise write off of f/0 of murder organ to transform... BABEL-ism boundless future of zero///earth area to the artificial molecule of the demolition of the dream condition of vital Level that spreads in the desert of the love and intelligence of the clone revelation was invading rhinoceros bar placenta of an ant game sun that shakes to the vocal cord of the fatalities causes a dog brain that earth gets deranged to the lapse of memory of 1 gram of existence that programed the body organ without the murderous intention of the blue sky to the embryo of the f=cyber who gets complicated to the vagina of 0 Level of the earth and was suspended the micro traffic of a vital body worn and usurp the ugly production device of the velocity of light digestion organ- horizon of the pierrot that an embryo had penetrated the earth area DIGITAL_ground=and induce the first cry of DIGITAL... /anti-faust to the brain of a dog!

Monochrome of the Sun

brain of the clone inheriteds=the blood that goes to ruin to the fractal sun of an embryo human body of the chameleon desire with the magnet of the petal pattern of the cadaver that committed suicide megabyte of the tragedy that beats along the cerebral cortex that sun reverses the soul of an embryo strongly octave of the DIGITAL_scream of the fatalities that was controlling crow of cyber of first cry--BABEL of explodes stimulated the communication of before dawn of the earth brain--ism frozen the mask in the moon conducts with 1000 held-

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