Bewildering Stories

Get Smart

Issue 99

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 99

Novels Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Made It Way Up, conclusion
  part 24, Bernard; part 25, Essa and Kelly

Tala Bar, Gaia, chapter 3, “The River,” part 2
  installment 1; installment 2

Roberto Sanhueza, Katts and Dawgs,
  part 4: “Katt Cuts It Thin,” installment 1

Serials Michael J A Tyzuk, The Soul Hunter, part 3

euhal allen, The Bridge, part I, installment 1

Katherine Allen, The Owl in the Supermarket
Poetry Steven Utley, Three Poems: “Lust and Compulsion,”
  “Wonders Never Cease,” “Two-Fisted Poet”


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Katherine Allen
Challenge Challenge 99: And Then There Was One
Discussion Stephen Heister, Residual Self-Image
Letters Kristen Tracey comments on...
  the Challenge 97 responses

Steven Utley asks readers to...
  Help Me Waste My Full Potential

The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews...
  Eric Van Lustbader’s Mistress of the Pearl
Editorial The Sincerest Form
News Picture credits

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