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Election Day in Assam

Writing from the edge of the Far East, Deep Bora reminds us that terrorism is a fact of daily life in his world. Deep is grateful for elections and stability in government.

Today was election day in Assam and the electorate was very busy trying to see their favourite politician in the right chair in the Central Parliament — Lok Sabha, the house of commons — which contains representatives from every state in India. To see the favourite politician in New Delhi, one has got to vote! And the candidate who wins by the maximum or majority of votes gets the much coveted seat in the Union parliament.

The leader of the winning political party is, under normal conditions, elected Prime Minister of India and confirmed by the President and the judiciary.

The Lok Sabha controls the nation and nation building! The members declare "propositions" on the floor of the house which are then seconded by other members of the parliament — until these decisions are enacted into law, many of which are ratified by the Supreme Court and passed as legislation and legalised — so if another political party comes into power at a later stage, well, they cannot change those laws to their whims and fancies! Just because they do not like such decisions simply because those laws were enacted by a political party opposed to their political thoughts and their different ways of thinking.

Security was tight today. Forces patrolling the roads without disturbing or influencing the electorate in any manner. However, their presence was indication of the dangers imminent and the anti-national propaganda dictated to the masses by the militants. Today, however, there was not a single message by the anti-nationals addressed to the public. Election was therefore a very peaceful process today.

A very welcome change.

However, terrorism and militance still exists, and the scenario of a "post-militancy" Assam is concealed now and very much restrained.

Here we write about strange shipments of arms and armanents recently seized in Bangladesh — on their way to Assam. Presumably for the militants; not one group but plenty in seven states. We write about "surrenders" by militants to the Army. We mention grenade blasts. We mention "Al-Quaida" links followed by CIA and FBI perhaps in Bangladesh-Assam border areas. We talk about detonators and sacks and sacks of explosives recently unearthed near the railway station... The list could go on and on.

Oh! Incidentally I wanted you to know that presently, there is a "joint excercise" going on between the American Army and the Indian Army — in the jungles and terrains of North East India. I believe the term is "Counter Insurgency" operation and excercises. According to first hand reports, the American soldiers are learning Counter Insurgency procedures from the Indian Army and the Indian soldiers are fast learning "American English" from the American Army!

About my science fiction short stories and rewriting the previously published stories in simpler English: I don't really know when I can complete the entire lot but surely — I shall intimate you and Jerry very much in advance. Perhaps then a decision may be taken. Do you mind if we begin with "Chronicles of the Future"?

Continuing in a lighter vein, perhaps I shall be the first journalist to report about a nuclear bomb which has been stolen by the evil-doers — and they intend to do away with a part of the world! Enviously, for them and their comrades, they blow themselves away too. Several miles under the oceans.

Bon voyage!

Sincere regards,


Copyright © 2004 by Deep Bora

Deep, we’re glad to hear you’re safe and sound, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you again.

Just one thought: if that story scenario is in a “lighter vein,” I don’t think we want to hear a “dark” one! There is no good place to explode a nuclear device. And at the bottom of the ocean?! Think of the environmental catastrophe... and remember Godzilla!

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