Bewildering Stories

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Cold, Cold Heart

by Charles Richard Laing

For the polar bear it was love at first sight. He expressed his love in the only way he knew how. He left a bouquet of a dozen cod at her front door.

She put the fish in a vase and set them on the kitchen table. When her boyfriend came home from a long hard day at work, he naturally asked her about them. She told him it was from some secret admirer. She tried to make a little joke out of it, but she could see that he was really jealous. So she told him the whole story.

He was furious. He got his gun.

After three days, the cod bouquet had to be thrown out. The bearskin rug lasted longer than their relationship. She kept it until the day she died. So in some strange way this is a love story with a happy ending.

Copyright © 2004 by Charles Richard Laing

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