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Join the Arthropod Club!

Arthur Podd

Egad! Are you a member of the Arthropod Club? If not, why are you reading the Arthropod Club's official newsletter, Arthropod Blob? Why not join the Arthropod Club?

As a registered member of the Arthropod Club, you will receive news and information about arthropods in our weekly newsletter, Arthropod Blob. Each issue costs $0 for registered members and $30 for people who are not registered.

Also, as a member of the Arthropod Club, you can receive discounts on books about arthropods! Just think, you can enjoy delightful books about your favorite arthropods for up to 98.6% off the regular price!

Finally, by joining the Arthropod Club, you can help save endangered arthropods around the world! There are millions of arthropods out there in need of your help. Up to 20% of all profit made from the orders you make through the Arthropod Club will be used to save endangered arthropods.

The Arthropod Club must have more members! It's really fun! To join, visit our web site! See you soon!

Shortly after this piece was made available to the public, the Arthropod Club vanished without a single trace—until now...

—The Editorial Triumvirate

First published in Arthropod Blob, 1999.

Copyright 1999, 2002 by Arthur Podd.