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Challenge 878

Given the Choice

  1. In Don Webb’s A Pronoun Away: The essay does not consider super-distinctive pronouns, such as ones that identify various types of sexual orientation or preference. Why might it not do so? What different super-distinctions might pronouns make?

  2. In Natan Dubovitsky’s Near Zero:

    1. How does the author justify the radical change of scene between chapters 41 and 42?
    2. How does Sister Epifania fit in with the previous allusions to religion in the novel?
  3. In Bill Kowaleski’s Miles Learns the Truth: What are the comic elements in this chapter? For example, how might borrowing Homer’s standard epithet “rosy-fingered dawn” provide a clue to the overall tone of the chapter?

  4. In J. H. Malone’s Drunk on Time, part 6: Does Saul’s trial run with Liesl’s space-time scanner function in any way that is substantially different from imagination?

  5. In Robert Balentine, Jr.’s The Overview Effect: Is the immersion tank experience really necessary? What normal function has been lacking in the narrator’s marriage?

  6. In Dean S. Withers’s Rebranding: How do the dogs know to come and sign in as guests at the hotel?

  7. In Gary Inbinder’s Gluttons and Jackals: Who might the “gluttons and jackals” be in terms of current history?

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