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The Pious Lie

by Angelo J. Letizia

Hungry gods ate the dinosaurs
Tore the reptile meat
Straight off those ancient bones
The gods stripped the earth
Of its beasts and energy

And those gods went to sleep
And waited for the cycles
Mammals grew into men
Planets exploded in those gods’ evil dreams
And finally new skin was born

A tangible being of taste
And the gods’ realities had taste
Their demonic godly eyes
Sprang open like rusty shutters
They were hungry again
The dinosaur meat long ago digested

I would be their new meal
Meteors did not kill the dinosaurs
The gods lied
And tried to trick me
And now they are waiting and they are hungry
Skin and brains are not miracles
Or marvels or wonders
But simply meals

And finally
The tooth in me
Splits my eye sockets
Into fossils

Copyright © 2020 by Angelo J. Letizia

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