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Challenge 877

Uncounted Words

  1. In Natan Dubovitsky’s Near Zero: What is Mamaev’s motive for torturing Yegor? In what way does it reflect many of Yegor’s misadventures?

  2. In Bill Kowaleski’s The Gun Show: Maria’s friends Jackson and Dave are very different. In what way do they give her similar advice?

  3. In Nikki Everts’ Bad Grannies: What subtle hints in the story might indicate it did not originate in the U.S.? Why might the ending be taken as proof that it didn’t?

  4. In Steven Roisum’s No More Words:

    1. What mistakes do Dirk Darklight and Becca make? Are they plausible or unaccountable?
    2. The lizards do not abolish words. What do they actually abolish? Do they ever give a reason for their crusade? Is it likely to succeed?
  5. In Charles C. Cole’s The Lady of Lake Therese: What does the Lady of the Lake’s prophecy mean? Does it mean anything?

  6. In Angelo J. Letizia’s The Pious Lie: What is the “lie”? Why is it “pious”?

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