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The Beach Parade

by Douglas Young

At dawn an old lady walks her dog along the beach,
Smiling and savoring the breeze, she has found her niche.
Later, young lovers stroll the shore hand in hand
While lasses seek a tan, lounging in the sand.

Soon families arrive, and children jump the waves,
While boys dare each other to explore nearby caves.
Surfers excitedly take their boards way out to sea,
Watched by grandparents in lawn chairs content just to be.

After lunch, the clientele changes
With a whole new set spanning ages.
Many will play, and others think;
Some just try not to turn too pink.

In the evening comes yet another cast:
Loners walking alone, trying to forget the past,
Students roasting marshmallows, laughing loudly,
Couples bathed by moonlight, kissing soundlessly.

So much intrigue, frivolity, and thought,
A thousand different dramas are each day wrought.
But the shore remains tranquil and somehow beyond reach,
Still welcoming all, beckoning us to the beach.

Copyright © 2020 by Douglas Young

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